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Our Service Offering

The following services are free of charge:
  • Providing you with information about the best study programs that suits your budget
  • Providing you with the documents checklist for your enrolment application with the education provider
  • Reviewing your documents before we submit it to the education provider
  • Submitting your application to the education provider
  • Liaising with the education provider on your behalf throughout the enrolment process
Please note that:
  • Above services are separate from the Student Visa application fee, which will be due for payment, once we secure your unconditional offer from the education provider.
  • We provide student visa application services for all countries except Australia, however we can recommend you a registered migration agents in Australia who can help you submitting your visa application (if you needed to)

Start planning your educational journey today! Contact us at or use our new feature and send us message via WhatsApp or call us via WhatsApp on +61391176378 to learn more about these exciting opportunities and how we can support you in achieving your academic dreams.

We would like to share with you some of the most common Questions we receive and our Answers to them as following: 

Is English required before applying for a study program? 

A: Yes, a certain English level will be required before you apply, required English level depends on the destination country and the study program. Even if you are applying for a combined course (Inensive English Course + a Degree Course), in this case a certain English level will be required as well.  

How can you increase my chances of getting a university acceptance?

A: We help increasing the acceptance rate of your enrolment application to 80 to 90% by guiding you in every step, list of required documents, reviewing every document and every information to reduce processing time and increase the acceptance rate

Is there a higher risk of refusal with my age?

A: Every study country has its own policy and risk assessment, that cascades to universities in the study country, we help you navigating this and we advise you on the risk factor related to your age though out the process

Why the education program and university you provided me wasn’t showing in the first pages of my google search before I contact GSA?

A: There are thousands of education providers and study programs available, not all of them appear in Google search easily, we have our own up-to-date database of almost all study programs and universities that suits your requirements (more than 2000+ education provider and more than 140,000 study programs across 19 countries)

Using an education agent would add any costs?

A: It is the opposite, education agent can select a study program that’s thousands of dollars cheaper than the course you know or your friend referred you to

How education agent get paid?

A: Universities are paying the education agent their professional fee, for example: study program A fees is $8,000, if you applied by yourself, cost will be the same, if you applied through an education agent, agent will be paid his fees by the university while at the same time course cost will be also the same $8,000

I was refused from university A, while I meet all their criteria, what went wrong?

In many study countries, it is not all about academic criteria, some criteria are subjective, for example: some universities don’t accept all nationalities and it is a case by case basis depending on the nationality risk level, remember universities sometimes have responsibility to ensure students are applying for studying purpose only, not other purposes for example: indirect immigration purpose, at GSA we help you applying for the university that has higher chances of accepting your profile

Why we need financial capacity information? 
It is very important information required by the university (for enrollment) and to the immigration department (for student visa application), in most study countries, government will need to see a proof of fund for your study and living expenses before you apply for your study, unfortunately, claiming the future income from work during study is not a proof of fund.