Our Service Offering

The following services are free of charge:
  • Providing you with information about the best study programs that suits your budget
  • Providing you with the documents checklist for your enrolment application with the education provider
  • Reviewing your documents before we submit it to the education provider
  • Submitting your application to the education provider
  • Liaising with the education provider on your behalf throughout the enrolment process
Please note that:
  • Above services are separate from the Student Visa application fee, which will be due for payment, once we secure your unconditional offer from the education provider.
  • We don't provide student visa application services, however we can recommend migration agents professionals who can help you submitting your visa application (if you needed to)

We would love to help you in your education journey and we are looking forward receiving your email to team@globalstudentadvisor.com to kick start the first steps towards your goals.

Can I apply for any university or a degree program in the country I am intending to study in?
Unfortunately, the answer is NO, depending on the country you choose for your study, your nationality, education background, age and English level will play a big role on choosing the education provider that's willing to assess your enrollment application, for example: not all education providers (universities) accept all students' nationalities, this is due to student visa requirements factors.

Is it a must to submit my student visa application through a migration agent professional?
NO, you can submit your student visa application by yourself, however, we highly recommend you read carefully the visa requirements from the official government website before applying, a student visa refusal may affect any future student visa application in the original country you chose for your study and/or any other country you may choose for your study.

Is it a must to hire the migration agent professional you recommend to me to apply for my student visa?
NO, you absolutely free to choose the migration agent professional who would help you submitting your student visa application, our always advice is to choose a migration professional who is qualified and registered in the country you are applying for.

Why we need financial capacity information? 
It is very important information required by the university (for enrollment) and to the immigration department (for student visa application), in most study countries, government will need to see a proof of fund for your study and living expenses before you apply for your study, unfortunately, claiming the future income from work during study is not a proof of fund.